Solid Dose Commercial Manufacturing

Reliability, Quality
& Compliance
at Every Phase

Tedor is your full product lifecycle solid-dose manufacturing partner, from development to clinical and commercial scales. Our high-quality, cost-competitive services and straightforward tech transfer processes are made possible by the dedication of our highly responsive and experienced team.

Tedor Commercial Solid Dose Manufacturing At-a-Glance

  • Commercial Manufacturing Commercial manufacturing to complete your development drug cycle
  • Speed Multiple manufacturing suites offer speed & flexibility
  • Magnifying Glass Advanced in-process & quality assurance analytical capabilities
  • Gear Proven tech transfer playbook
  • Packaging Supply chain management of raw materials & packaging components to customer’s requirements
  • Shield Robust quality systems & strong regulatory record
  • Tablets Controlled substances in small to mid-size batches

Solid Dose Commercial Manufacturing Capabilities

Solid dose products continue to increase in complexity. However, Tedor rises to the challenge of managing the runs of straightforward and complex products every day.

  • Tablets & capsules
    • Single & multi-layer tableting
    • Immediate release
    • Modified-release tablets & capsules
    • Extended-release tablets & capsules
    • DEA schedules II-V controlled substances
    • High-potency products
    • Poorly soluble or highly variable APls
    • Multi-API products
    • Pelletized products
    • Sustained and or delayed release coatings
    • Pellets in a capsule or pellets compressed within a tablet
    • Abuse deterrent products
    • Dry large molecule products
  • Encapsulation for powders, beads, granules, tablets, and combination drugs
  • Powder biologics
  • Orphan drug small-batch manufacturing

Commercial Scale GMP Suites

Tedor’s multiple modular suites provide flexibility and facilitate our production lines’ rapid turnover, allowing us to provide cost-competitive pricing and responsive service.

  • Fluid bed coating, drying, & granulation
  • Solid-dose blending
  • Hopper suites with gravity-fed connection to compression or encapsulation machines
  • Vacuum tray drying oven
  • Aqueous and solvent-based granulation
  • Aqueous and solvent coating

Contract Primary & Secondary Packaging

Whether for new product packaging or existing designs, our pharmaceutical packaging experts identify and source the right drug packaging solutions to safeguard your clinical trial or commercial product. Additionally, contract serialization services fulfill all current regulations.

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