Analytical Development of Pharmaceuticals

Offering critical capabilities in routine analytical testing, analytical method development and validation with an unrivaled level of quality

TEDOR Pharma has a commitment to Quality and is FDA registered and inspected.

A Commitment To Quality

Our scientific teams dynamically calibrate instrumentation according to aligned test methods and rigorous SOPs to establish the identity, purity, and potency of your formulation. These ongoing, iterative, and interrelated processes are crucial to our drug development process. This commitment to quality extends to each stage of development to ensure problems are resolved before they arise.

Extensive Experience in Analytical Method Development

Our method development is focused on ease of use without compromising quality and we take into consideration the method friendliness for the quality control scientists, who are supposed to run the methods on a routine basis. We plan to develop easy to use methods. utilizing similar buffers, HPLC columns for various different methods. This purposeful process in method development and validation gives you the reliability and efficiency needed to focus on your growth strategies.

We overcome evolving market challenges by innovating and proactively designing particularized methods that ensure optimal development and validation. TEDOR implements precise analytical methods and validation techniques that ensure a robust understanding of your molecule’s behavior in various formulations to maximize successful development strategies.

Analytical Services from TEDOR Pharma

TEDOR Pharma provides vital analytical testing on various samples to meet the divergent needs of our customers. Our method development and validation teams are located in the US where we provide analytical technology for routine analysis, method development, and method validation for assay, impurities, and dissolution.

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