Fluid Bed Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing

Drying, top spray, granulation, and bottom spray applications

Our innovative facility offers extensive fluid bed capabilities for your next solid dose project

We utilize Xertecs X-one equipment for large scale (manufacturing) and Quest FB-II for R&D small scale. These capabilities provide solutions for:

  • drying after a high shear/low shear granulation
  • top spray granulation
  • bottom spray (wurster) for pellet coating for immediate release, delayed release, or extended release preparations

We also have the critical fluid bed expertise to perform technology transfer of your existing products or to design new formulations of superlative performance and quality.

Versatile multi-purpose applications

The Xertecs X-one equipment at TEDOR supports a range of operations with multiple processes. It can assist in the drying of products produced by the conventional wet granulation process such as a high shear mixer. It also assists in the top spray granulation of powders, and it can also be used for bottom spray (wurster) coating of beads for immediate release, delayed release or extended release applications. In addition TEDOR can handle a variety of batch sizes from 50.0 Kg to up to 360.0 Kg.

The bottom spray (wurster process), in addition, also supports the API layering and film coating using a wide variety of substrates, fine particles, granules, pellets or micro tablets.

Safety and Regulations

TEDOR is dedicated to ensuring that all our processes and technologies adhere to comprehensive regulatory compliance. The X-One systems we utilize in our facility have been designed to fully achieve compliance with GMP regulations.

The fluid bed systems provided by TEDOR offers several safety advantages over conventional fluid beds. These safety features guarantee an increase in equipment uptime, resulting in successful completion of production milestones.

  • Inflatable sealing system providing complete 12 bar explosion pressure protection while operating with available plant compressed air pressure (3.5 to 4 bar).
  • State-of-the-art twin filter shaking system, providing maximum flexibility, ergonomic handling, and performance for all process applications.
  • Non-vented design that eliminates the need for an explosion vent.
  • Explosion containment feature that eliminates the possibility of environmental contamination

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