Extended Release Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with FLEXITAB™

Only From TEDOR: Breakable Extended Release Tablets Without Dose Dumping

FLEXITAB tablets can be broken precisely and easily by the patient while ensuring precise dosing in each segment.

TEDOR is the exclusive North American provider of FLEXITAB, an innovative and commercially validated technology providing your product with breakable extended release (ER) tablets. Conventional ER tablets may ‘dose dump’ their contents if broken, which can lead to overdosing or other dangerous side effects. But FLEXITAB tablets maintain their drug release profile when broken, providing much greater safety for your patient. In addition, FLEXITAB tablets are also alcohol-insensitive, and will not dose dump when exposed to alcohol, even after prolonged exposure. Whether you’re developing the first ER tablet for your drug, or seeking continued protection for your existing ER product, FLEXITAB tablets add value to your product and protect your patients from the dangers of dosing inconsistency.

Easy And Cost-Effective To Manufacture

FLEXITAB tablets are manufactured with conventional equipment and employ only simple and safe ingredients. Tablets may be round, caplet-shaped, or quartic, with one or two scores to generate up to 4 portions of equal or unequal dose. The high drug loading capacity of FLEXITAB (up to 70% of tablet content) keeps tablets small and elegant.

The simplicity of the FLEXITAB platform means that products can be developed rapidly and made more cost-effectively than conventional ER tablets.

Reliable And Simple For Physicians & Patients

The ability to break tablets without a loss in performance increases the quality of life for your patients and helps ensure dosage compliance.

FLEXITAB tablets can be precisely broken with just one hand, a benefit for all patients but especially for the young and elderly, two age groups prone to have difficulty breaking tablets.

FLEXITAB also simplifies titration for the patient and the physician by providing multiple strengths from the same tablet.

Providing New Products and Product Strengths

Providing New Products and Product Strengths

FLEXITAB tablets allows the generation of up to four new product strengths from the same tablet. This means that new intermediate dosage strengths may be generated for your product, including those currently unavailable on the market.

FLEXITAB allows you to differentiate your product based on the new label claims provided by your product’s new performance and tablet design.

Robust Patent Protection

For the same upfront cost as non-patented technologies; all FLEXITAB products will be protected by robust patents granted in North America, South America, and Europe.


FLEXITAB made it possible to develop an extended release acetaminophen tablet that could be easily broken without exposing patients to “dose dumping.”

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TEDOR is the exclusive North American provider of FLEXITAB™ technology. Contact us today to find out more about how this groundbreaking platform can enhance both your new and mature product lines.

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