Tedor Pharma works every day to produce top-quality pharmaceutical products for our clients. The aspect of our business that separates us from others in the industry is that we see the process through from the early stages to commercialization, rather than focusing on only one aspect of the process and then passing it off to someone else.

Here, we are focusing on the actual production phase of pharmaceutical development: the drug formulation phase. We hope a spotlight on this part of our business will help you see why we are a top contract formulation development company in the pharmaceutical industry.

What Planning Goes into Drug Formulation?

Put simply, drug formulation is the process of designing and producing the drugs that are eventually sold to patients as pharmaceuticals. In this phase of development, a variety of substances are combined with the drug’s active ingredient. This chemical has the intended effect on the patient to form the finalized drug.

Another important part of the drug formulation planning stage is deciding what physical form the drug will take, whether solid, liquid, or semi-solid. Because the ultimate purpose of pharmaceuticals is to be taken by patients to help fight disease, drug developers must consider what drug form will be the least disruptive to the patient’s life and schedule. Different dosages require different intake schedules for patients. For instance, should the medication be taken three times a day, or four, or just once? All of this matters in the drug formulation planning stage.

What Specific Drug Forms Are Available?

When considering drug forms, a contract formulation development company such as Tedor Pharma must consider the optimal form for producing the pharmaceutical. In the area of solid drugs, we can consider options such as capsules, coated tablets, and controlled-release tablets, among others. Then we can look at liquids, to which we may add sugar or other substances to make the drugs more palatable.

In the non-oral drug area, we might focus on topical drugs, including creams, gels, eye drops, nasal drops, inhalers, and others.

As always, preformulation studies help developers to determine what form a drug should take.

Side Effects

One other area that a contract formulation development company must consider when creating pharmaceuticals is the potential side effects that a drug will have on patients. Adverse side effects can be caused by the chemical and physical form of the drug. In patients, side effects appear due to allergic reactions, local irritation, or simply unusual circumstances in specific patients that give rise to the side effect.

Drug developers must consider all possibilities when planning the drug’s composition, such as how the drug could interact with other medications or in people with certain medical conditions.

Professional Contract Formulation Development

Tedor Pharma specializes in not only the formulation phase but also every phase of drug development for our clients. Our ability to progress from commercialization planning makes us the most efficient and cost-effective choice for anyone looking for experienced contract formulation development companies.

Get in touch with Tedor Pharma today to let us know how we can see your solid-dose project through to completion.

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