Being able to split a pill into smaller doses easily is something many people are looking for in pharmaceuticals. At some point, many of us have done this. While breaking a pill in half is a common practice, it can cause more problems than people may realize. Even some pills that are specifically meant to be cut in half can cause issues. Still, many people need to split their medications into smaller sizes to be able to take them at all. 

For those in the pharmaceutical industry, finding a solution to this problem has been a challenge. Thanks to an innovative pharmaceutical technology called FLEXITAB, offered exclusively at Tedor Pharma, you no longer have to worry about jeopardizing your patients’ safety with breakable pills.

What are FLEXITAB Tablets?

FLEXITAB tablets are ideal for breakable extended-release tablets. Unlike many other breakable tablets available on the market, FLEXITAB tablets allow the patient taking them to get an even dosage. With this technology, tablets can safely be broken into segments that contain the correct dosage. Hence, patients always know how much they’re taking. 

Helps Prevent Dose Dumping

Dose dumping is a common concern with extended-release tablets. Not only does this mean patients won’t be getting the dosage of medication they need, but they can be getting a dosage that can be extremely unhealthy. The risk of dose dumping is also increased when pills are broken. Dose dumping can also become a concern when the patient consumes alcohol, which can often speed up drug delivery. FLEXITAB tablets are alcohol insensitive, which eliminates the risk of dose dumping with alcohol exposure. With FLEXITAB technology, you won’t have to worry about patients receiving the incorrect dosage after the pill is broken.

Easy to Use

Many people struggle with taking swallowable pills. Taking a larger pill can be difficult and could deter people from taking the medications they need or make it incredibly unpleasant for them. Some people, especially younger children and older adults, might be completely unable to swallow certain sized pills. If you’ve had to break a tablet into segments before, you know that it can sometimes be difficult to do. Some pills aren’t able to be broken easily, and of course, some don’t break into the proper dosage amounts. FLEXITAB tablets can be broken easily while maintaining their efficiency, making it the best option for many patients. 

Cost-Effective Manufacturing 

Of course, cost is always an important factor when making decisions regarding pharmaceutical manufacturing. FLEXITAB tablets have many benefits for those who are looking for safe and effective ways of producing, so you might expect technology like this would come with an expensive price tag. However, producing these types of tablets is much simpler than you might expect, so they’re extremely cost-effective, especially when compared to other extended-release tablets. They can also produce a variety of different tablets, whether you’re looking for quartic, round, or capsule-shaped tablets with one or two scores. 

Effective Pharmaceutical Manufacturing 

FLEXITAB tablets can help solve many of the problems the pharmaceutical industry has faced in the past with extended-release tablets. At Tedor Pharma, we offer extended-release pharmaceutical manufacturing that can help you create products that are more beneficial for patients. We’re the exclusive provider of FLEXITAB tablets in North America and can help you develop your product, whether it’s your first one or you already have experience with extended-release tablets. 

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