David Vario, TEDOR Pharma’s Vice President of Quality & Regulatory, will be speaking at the CMO Quality Oversight & Risk Management Summit in Boston, MA. This two day event will be held on September 23rd and September 24th.

David will be partnering with Gerd Kochendoerfer, Senior Vice President, Head of Operations at Pellepharm to speak on contract negotiation strategies that help align quality and supply goals. This conference will discuss quality and supply risks, as well as some opportunities from the customer and provider perspective. Additionally, the presentation will optimize agreements for a world of mergers and acquisitions on both provider and CDMO levels, and ensure alignment between various quality and manufacturing agreements.

The CMO Quality Oversight & Risk Management Summit is an annual event that promotes the collaboration of sponsors and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) by examining the complexities of data integrity, vendor relationships, risk management, and more. Along with a handful of expert speakers, this event will also feature panel discussions, case study sessions and a showcase of CMOs.

For more information or to register for this event, please visit https://www.asdevents.com/event_register.asp?id=20485.

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