Talented Leader brings Senior Level Operations, Pharmaceutical Sales Experience.


Tedor Pharma, Inc. is announcing the appointment of Carl E. Wooten as President and Chief Executive Officer effective February 22, 2016.

After a comprehensive search process, Tedor Pharma is pleased to have found an extraordinary individual to assume leadership and guide the organization through a high growth period.

Laura J. I. Maynard, Tedor Pharma’s Executive Chairman welcomes Carl and looks forward to his insights as we expand and take our company to its next stage of growth and development. “Carl has a tremendous history of strong leadership both inside and outside of the pharmaceutical industry. His deep industry knowledge and institutional tenure makes Carl highly qualified to lead Tedor Pharma today and in the future.” says Maynard.

Carl has been tasked to position Tedor Pharma as a key player in the pharmaceutical markets. “Tedor Pharma is uniquely poised to create innovative drug development approaches and acquire novel market-driven products that will accelerate the manufacturing portfolio.” says Wooten.

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