In an exclusive interview with Drug Development and Delivery, Doug Drysdale, President & CEO of TEDOR Pharma, Inc explains how TEDOR is addressing the needs of small- and medium-size companies by developing innovative and repurposed small molecules for unmet medical needs.

TEDOR is the exclusive North American provider of FLEXITAB

In the interview, Drysdale provides insight into TEDOR’s strategy in bringing innovative and commercially validated FLEXITAB technology to North America that provides products with extended release tablets that can be broken without a loss in performance, increasing the quality of life for patients with flexible dosing gradually increased by the physician.

Focus on formulation and development services

“It’s been about shifting the talent base within the company,” said Drysdale, adding “we’ve focused on bringing in talent to broaden our formulation and development services.”

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Critical capabilities for small and medium-size companies

At TEDOR Pharma, we help ALL customers meet their development, clinical and commercial launch timelines, achieve regulatory approvals, and solve complex formulation challenges. TEDOR Pharma’s experienced project management, development, and account management teams ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

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