Pharmaceutical Development Services

Unlike many CDMOs that specialize in just one part of development or another, Tedor wants to be—and is built to be— your end-to-end partner, from formulation to commercialization. We recognize that this model is more complex and requires more people and more skill sets, but our holistic offering is our key difference and biggest value to you. We have built a system that is comprehensive and cohesive with symbiotic departments, ones that are collaborative, understanding and predictive of each other. This streamlines development, engendering quality and speed to market. Our assessment and launch phases will also customize your development path in the most efficient way. Everything is an optimization of process quality and speed to market.

Fluid Bed Wurster Coating; Drying and Granulation

Semi and-fully-Automated Over Encapsulation

Single and Multi-Layer Tableting

Beads and Tablets in Coated and Non-Coated Formats

Encapsulation for Powders, Beads, Granules, Tablets and Combination Drugs

Immediate, Modified, Extended and Sustained Release Formulations

Broad Equipment Scalability from Development to High-Volume Commercial MFG

Analytical Support for In-Process, Release and Stability Testing

Process Development, Validation and Optimization

Site Transfers

TEDOR’s equipment makes us the right size CDMO for your next drug development or commercial project.

Our Equipment

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