Eight Essential Advantages of Tedor

Tedor has a strong history of approved solid dose commercial products and a growing portfolio of cusomter projects. In the last sixteen years we have received sixteen FDA approvals, facilitating the potential for hundreds of millions of dollars in market value for our customers. We attribute this success to our focus on your business and revenue goals. Where most CDMOs are focused on manufacturing, we also know that our process, quality and speed directly contribute to your market success. Everything we do and how we do it is focused on helping you win.


End-to-end capabilities

Unlike many CDMOs that offer niche capabilities, Tedor is built to be your end-to-end partner, from formulation to commercialization, for solid dose products, including DEA-schedules II-V. We recognize that this model is more complex but our holistic offering is both our key difference and biggest value to you. We have built a system that is comprehensive and cohesive with symbiotic departments, ones that are collaborative, understanding and predictive of each other. This streamlines development, engendering quality and speed to market. Our assessment and launch phases will also customize your development path in the most efficient way. Everything is an optimization of process quality and speed to market.



Built for speed and precision, Tedor’s QbD process represents the high end of performance in solid dose product development and manufacturing today. Our diverse specialists and exacting scientific methodologies combine throughout a frictionless process, reducing risk and encouraging speed.


  1. Assessment: Vast experience in product development means we will chart the best course (doing it right + fast) for you right from the start of the project.
  2. Planning: Every project is unique, so careful planning is essential to avoiding pitfalls due to the complexity of product formulation and manufacturing.
  3. Implementation: Once your path to success is optimally planned, our project management kicks in and we begin executing swiftly and accurately. You’ll also find that we’re quick with feedback and insights.
  4. Launch: When it’s go-time, rest easy because Tedor’s got you covered. Everything from quality control to integrated product research to manufacturing and packaging will have you on a path to commercial success.

Project management excellence

End-to-end capability is great but not every CDMO offers it because, frankly, it’s complex. And when speed is essential to your end goal, project management can be kryptonite or it can be rocket fuel. For us, it’s the latter. First, we respond to your needs quickly, clearly and deliberately. We’ve also looked at project management from a scientific perspective, going beyond the what and focusing on the how, always measuring performance. Our methodical assessment, analyses and planning at the beginning help predict a well-managed and expeditious project.


Flat hierarchy

Tedor’s flat, optimized organization aids the agile development process, empowers employees, and strengthens responsiveness to customers via access to anyone (even our CEO). Anyone here can and will pick up your call, answer your questions and is empowered to initiate action to keep things moving forward. Benefits: responsive, efficient, fast.



Tedor is seasoned and smart in the compliance arena, offering turnkey NDA and ANDA preparation and submission. Our acumen in FDA regulations facilitates more first-submission approvals.



Inspected, and approved, by both the FDA and DEA, we’ve expanded our facility to accommodate a growing portfolio of solid dose products, with added capability and versatility to serve more diverse needs for our customers, allowing them to pursue more—and respond faster to—opportunities.



Our expert leadership and staff will work closely with your teams right from the start to ensure we exceed performance expectations. Our highly specialized staff includes PhD’s, MBA’s, R.Ph’s, and drug commercialization experts. We are continually growing and evolving our staff through robust recruitment of top pharma and scientific talent both from here and abroad.


Customer retention

It’s routine for a new Tedor customer to sign on for additional projects even before finishing the first one. Their confidence in our people, our process and our way of working builds as they see that it’s heading toward a win. This is a resounding endorsement of the claim we made earlier: We have a system. It works. You win.

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